Aboriginal issues to take centre stage

Timmins is a diverse community with a large Aboriginal population, but sometimes important issues for minority groups can fade to the background. In February 2013, Aboriginal issues are being brought to the forefront locally by the Misiway Community Health Centre. The Centre has invited Michael Bryant–former Attorney General, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Minister of Economic Development–to deliver a keynote address.

Bryant will be delivering a speech at the Dante Club on February 28th at 6:00 p.m. His talk will focus on Aboriginal issues and economic development. Bryant has been open about his battle with addictions, so attendees can expect him to touch on this subject as well. Earlier in the afternoon, Bryant will be talking to students at TH&VS about addictions.

Local Aboriginal issues are an important part of several Timmins 2020 projects. The ongoing Culture project will address the cultural needs of our diverse population, while the upcoming Anti-Racism Strategy will examine issues of discrimination for all minority populations.The Aboriginal Partnerships project, slated to begin sometime in 2013, will focus on developing strong partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations.

Misiway Community Health Centre is expecting another speaker, Phil Fontaine, on May 30th. They are also making arrangements for a visit from Justice Murray Sinclair, Commissioner for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Residential Schools.