Aboriginal Partnerships

About Aboriginal Partnerships

The Aboriginal people who first called this region “home” bring important social, cultural and environmental perspectives to our identity as a community. Team 2020 recognizes the value of these Aboriginal perspectives. The Aboriginal Partnerships project aims to foster the development of positive and productive collaborations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations, especially related to social and cultural issues.

The TEDC currently coordinates the Timmins and District Aboriginal Partnership (TADAP) group, which focuses on economic development initiatives for Aboriginals. Part of their mandate is to “help create/implement successful socioeconomic opportunities leading to job creation, barrier removal and business development…addressing areas including partnership development, skill enhancements/training and cultural awareness.” In 2011, TADAP produced a local Gap Analysis (1.1 MB)¬†of Aboriginal services, which you may download and read to see what recommendations they made. Some of the recommendations, such as erecting trilingual welcome signage, are also part of Timmins 2020. As of October 2012, TADAP is in the process of developing its work plan for 2013.

Project Progress

While TADAP has contributed significantly to the economic development of the Aboriginal community, gaps remain in terms of social and cultural issues. Timmins 2020’s Aboriginal Partnerships project hopes to fill these gaps by working with the Social Planning Council and local Aboriginal service organizations to find solutions. We also will incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into other Timmins 2020 projects such as the Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan (CTRMP). This project will be considered complete when Aboriginal perspectives have been incorporated into local long-term strategies, and when one or more local organizations have committed to pursuing Aboriginal social and cultural improvements as part of their mandate.

Please continue to check back here for updates on our efforts to build stronger Aboriginal partnerships in Timmins.

What You Can Do

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