Another project boasts successful completion

As 2013 begins, Timmins 2020 celebrates the completion of another project.

Northern College established an Applied Research Centre at their Porcupine Campus prior to Timmins 2020′s launch in 2012. The Applied Research project was included in Timmins 2020 stress its importance for, and its impact on, the community. The goals of the project as they are stated in the plan include examining the feasibility of establishing an Applied Research Centre, pursuing funding, and, once established, promoting the work of the centre.

Thanks to the hard work of several Northern College employees, and the financial investments of various partners, the Northern Office of Applied Research and Innovation (NOARI) was established at Northern College’s Porcupine Campus in 2012. Through the college’s applied research program, students have been able to undertake research projects that solve real-world problems for local clients. The success of NOARI has been publicized through various media outlets. Therefore, this project has completed all its stated goals. The Applied Research project as part of Timmins 2020 is complete, though NOARI and Northern College will continue with applied research work in the community for years to come.

At this point, two of the plan’s 30 projects are considered successfully completed. Several more projects are ongoing with the goal of being completed sometime in 2013. We expect to add several more projects to our “Completed Projects” menu before the end of the year.