Artemis Youth Centre Gearing up for Fundraiser

The founders of Artemis Youth Centre are determined to fight childhood obesity in Timmins and provide opportunities for youth engagement in the community.The name Artemis comes from Greek mythology and the Godess Artemis was the protector of children and animals. The founders believe that her story of strength and agility will be an inspiration to youth.

Their goal is to create a youth centre where local youth can go to get fit, have fun, and be surrounded by positive role models. They want to provide a place where children who are not interested in things like hockey and gymnastics can go to be active and healthy. They chose Crossfit because it is a sport that can be practiced by anyone with a little time and commitment.  Cross fit not only focuses on increasing physical conditioning but on mental well-being.

They will be hosting a fundraiser to help raise some of the funds needed to secure a venue for the centre. The event, called Lucky, will be a Las Vegas style club event complete with a DJ act from Toronto called Mod Squad.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online through the www.eventbrite website.

For more information on Artemis Youth Centre visit their Facebook page or their website:!crossfit-kids/cclu