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New community service signs revive entrances

Timmins has two new community service signs at the east and west entrances of town. Replacing the tired, plain brown signs are two bright, attractive modern signs that match the colour of our new brand and welcome signage.

Radical Graffiti on New Timmins Business

Radical Gardens wants to change the way we perceive of art, community beautification and public space. They are hoping to help rebuild community pride and demonstrate that city beautification is a community project by offering up the walls of their new restaurant as a blank canvas. Owner, Brianna Humphrey, is an artist and hand painted […]

TWIG Timmins Works to Feed the Community

TWIG Timmins (Together We Inspire and Grow) is working to make healthy local food more accessible to the residents of Timmins. The group has planted gardens throughout the City with healthy produce like kale, peppers and corn. The food is available for free to anyone in the community who wants it.  There are locations in South […]

Radical Gardens Opens New Restaurant

Supporting local businesses and expanding agriculture are two recommendations in the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan. Radical Gardens Farm is working to do just that with their new restaurant/market that opened on the corner of 5th Ave and Balsam N. The restaurant serves up local food and their speciality is roasted tomato soup and the killer […]

Signage Project Moving Along

Corey Grenier from Pride Signs came to Timmins to discuss the new entrance way signs. Grenier visited the proposed locations for the signs and discussed installation details with City engineer Luc Duval. The signs will be delivered to Timmins by the end of July. They will be a great addition to our community and will […]

Signage Project Coming to Fruition

The Timmins Signage Project that began in 2011 is finally coming to fruition. The Gateway signs are being delivered in June and will be installed over the summer. The signs are a great way to welcome visitors to our community and beautify our City. The signage project also features a service club sign that will […]

Recognizing Community Commitment

Art Pultz, past president of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce and general manager of Timmins’ KiSS 99.3/Q92, has been given two national awards for his volunteer service. He recently won: The Rogers Communcations’ Employee of the Year Award for his commitment to making Timmins a better place to do business. The 2014 CEO Award, which […]

Timmins Flags Build Community Pride

Timmins flags and vertical banners are being ordered as part of the Timmins 2020 Branding Strategy. The flags and banners will be distributed to local arenas, the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport, the Timmins Public Library and City Hall. The flags will mirror the design and color of the wayfinding and entrance signs. They will […]

Timmins Gateway Signs arriving soon

Timmins Gateway Signs arriving soon

Part of the Timmins Branding Project is to create new welcome signage at City entry points. The City of Timmins Brand Committee and the Engineering Department have reviewed 7 responses to the request for proposal for fabrication and delivery of two welcome signs.  They have chosen a company and are working to finalize the details […]

RFP for New Gateway Signs Issued

RFP for New Gateway Signs Issued

The Timmins Community Brand Committee has finalized the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the new gateway signage and it is now available. On June 16, Council approved the locations for the first two signs: the one at the east end of the city will be located on Highway 101 just west of the Frederickhouse River […]