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Pow Wow Celebrates Aboriginal Culture

Northern college is gearing up to celebrate its 14th Annual Traditional Powwow that will kick off with a concert on Friday, April 10. The event will feature a grand entry, a native fashion show, a feast, a craft and information fair and, traditional drummers. Grand master of ceremonies will be Elder David Faeries. The event […]

Aboriginal issues to take centre stage

Timmins is a diverse community with a large Aboriginal population, but sometimes important issues for minority groups can fade to the background. In February 2013, Aboriginal issues are being brought to the forefront locally by the Misiway Community Health Centre. The Centre has invited Michael Bryant–former Attorney General, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Minister of […]

Tolerance a multi-faceted issue

Today, November 16, is the International Day for Tolerance. The United Nations (UN) established this day in 1996, encouraging member states to observe it in support of anti-racism and anti-discrimination worldwide. Tolerance is about accepting the richness and variety of the world’s cultures and respecting every individual’s right to dress, think, and act as their […]