Survey says City communications improving

One of the goals of Timmins 2020 is to see an improvement in communications between the City of Timmins and its residents. The Timmins 2020 website is a key piece of this strategy. It’s supported by Facebook and Twitter feeds, where users are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts on Timmins. Residents may have also seen posters and window decals in town, attended Timmins 2020 events, or caught ads in newspapers, on the radio and on TV. There is also a monthly e-newsletter, 2020 Focus.

247001_574204312600313_1149739333_nMembers of Team 2020 were at the Timmins Construction Association’s 2013 Home Show May 3-5. The team spoke with hundreds of people, giving out project information, survey forms and some great Timmins swag. Everyone also had a chance to enter a draw for lunch with the Mayor, sponsored by one of our community partners,Levis foodland logo Levis’ Foodland.

surveyTo see if Timmins 2020 communication efforts have been working, the Home Show survey asked, “Do you feel better informed about the City’s plans for the future than you were two years ago.” Of the 119 respondents, 89% said “Yes.”

Team 2020 is pleased to know residents are feeling more in the loop on changes taking place in the community. To help the City make decisions about the best ways to communicate, please answer the poll in the sidebar.