Mayor to host students for Coffee & Donuts at Christmas

College and University Students, join the Mayor for a Holiday Coffee Break!


Whether you’ve been hard at work studying in town or  you’re home for the holidays, you continue to be a valued member of our community. 

This has been an exciting year for Timmins! Find out what’s been happening, learn what’s available in Timmins when school is finished, and catch up with your friends.

Planning for this special event is underway now, and we already know there will be draws and Timmins 2020 swag (and doughnuts, of course) for attendees. Stay tuned for updates!

Date: Monday, December 23
Time: 10:00 a.m. to noon
Location: Council Chambers, City Hall

Talk it up! Tell your friends! Spread the word! Let’s make this first-time event for you and your fellow college and university students a HUGE hit!