Community Calendar

About the Community Calendar 

This project is now completed.

In 2012, the Timmins Chamber of Commerce completed work on a central community calendar. A community calendar is a single place where community members and organizations can post and/or look up events. The Timmins Community Calendar is an up-to-date web-based calendar that provides information on events going on in and around the community.

The calendar features an events list that provides a snapshot of events that are taking place in the community. Clicking on an individual event will bring you to a description of the event that includes its time, place, directions and contact information. Community partners can link the calendar to their websites by using a direct web feed. The calendar contains events from non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals.

Benefits of a community calendar include:

  • It provides a centralized event listing.
  • It provides free event promotion and builds awareness.
  • Event categories make searching easy.
  • Tourists can plan their visits around events.
  • It helps organizations plan their events so that they don’t conflict with others.
  • It’s free and interactive.
  • You can set up Email alerts for events to remind you about them.
  • Community partners can link to the calendar from their own websites.

Thanks to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, our lead partner for this project, the Timmins Community calendar is now online.

Visit to see what’s on in Timmins, or to post an event for your organization. Now there’s no reason to say you don’t know what’s happening in town!

What you can do:

  • If you are an organization, post your events.
  • Share the calendar on your website.
  • Use the calendar to plan your events.
  • Attend the events and support your community!