Culture Master Plan Available for Review

The Culture Master Plan has been submitted to council for approval. The plan is an initiative to improve cultural and creative activity in Timmins. If approved the plan will not only enhance the quality of life in Timmins but also help strengthen the local economy.  Overnight tourists spent $4.1 billion on arts and culture in 2010 in Ontario. Timmins draws in about 521,000 tourists each year but it does not currently draw in arts and culture tourists.

The recommendations in the plan will address the perceived shortcomings in regards to arts and culture in Timmins. The recommendations include hiring a culture and marketing coordinator and building a cultural policy to guide local decision-making.

The plan contains a vision statement that is intended to be inspirational and always looking toward the future.

“ A vibrant City showcasing our shared community heritage and pride through self-expression and the arts, unearthing local talent and positioning Timmins as a leader in Northern Ontario.”

It also contains a mission statement that outlines how the vision will be achieved.

“To enhance quality of life and community pride in Timmins by fostering local talent, creative excellence and cultural industry through partnerships, investment, capacity-building and marketing.”

We hope to hear their decision by the end of summer.

To view the report click here.