Goldcorp pledges funds to support housing study

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Goldcorp pledges funds to support housing study

In April 2013, Timmins 2020 announced that Goldcorp has pledged a significant contribution to support to completion of a housing study. Read the press release here. Domenic Rizzuto, Manager, Human Resources & Corporate Social Responsibility for Goldcorp, answered a few questions to share reasons why Goldcorp decided to get involved in the housing project.

1. What issues or concerns are you aware of regarding housing in Timmins?
The availability of affordable housing in Timmins is a challenge on two fronts. First, there is a lack of affordable housing for low income families in Timmins. Housing prices over the last 5 years have increased at a dramatic rate to the point that it has become difficult for low income families to purchase a home. Secondly, young professionals who move to Timmins from other communities are having a difficult time in finding homes within the price range of $150-250K. Big demand and low supply. There is also a lack of rental units in Timmins.

2. Why is housing important for the success of organizations in Timmins?
Housing is a recruitment and retention tool for most organization in Timmins. We have had prospective employees decline job offers because of the lack of housing in Timmins. In some cases we have had new employees leave after they could not find a house.

3. When it comes to housing, what progress do you hope Timmins will make between now and 2020?
There are developers that have made proposals for housing in Timmins; unfortunately, there are too many impediments slowing the process down. Timmins needs a housing strategy that addresses affordable housing for low income families and young professionals purchasing their first house. Partnerships with developers is essential to make this happen.