About the Housing Strategy Project

This project is now complete.

Healthy communities have a wide range of housing options for residents, including single detached homes, apartments, condos, semi-detached homes and even temporary units such as granny flats. Good, affordable housing options are critical for ensuring the quality of life of existing residents. It also affects the community’s ability to attract new residents. Timmins recognizes the need to improve the availability and affordability of housing in the community. Our city can develop a significant competitive advantage – and become more attractive to newcomers – if it can creatively address its housing shortage.

Timmins 2020’s Housing Strategy project addresses needs in the entire housing spectrum. A Housing Plan Steering Committee is overseeing this project, providing guidance to the selected consulting firm. The project includes:

  • A detailed housing inventory of Timmins, i.e. a list of how many houses of each type there are, and how many are paying more than 30% of their income on housing.
  • An expert review of zoning and permitting to make it easier for developers and homeowners to add apartments and garden suites.
  • A review of creative opportunities to increase density
  • An evaluation of incentives and rebates for developers who build affordable housing.

After a competitive RFP process, the Steering Committee selected SHS Consulting to carry out the Housing Strategy development.  They developed a 20-year Community Housing Strategy to help address local housing needs and presented it to Council in the early fall of 2014. You can download the report here: Timmins-Housing Summary-Report-Sept-22-final

Meet the Community Housing Strategy Steering Committee

Coordinator: Ron Leduc (rleduc@clearlogic.ca)


  • Pat Bamford, Councillor
  • Brenda Camirand, Director of Business Development, Timmins Economic Development Corporation
  • Mike Doody, Councillor
  • Claude J. Gagnon, Business Owner and Community Representative
  • Brian Marks, Executive Director, Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board
  • Veronica Nicholson, Executive Director, Timmins Native Friendship Centre
  • Gary Scripnick, Councillor
  • Cindy Welsh, City of Timmins Planner