Mayor addresses branding concerns, presents facts

At the March 18 City Council meeting, Mayor Tom Laughren addressed community concerns regarding the community brand for Timmins. The Mayor’s presentation included a number of facts aimed at debunking rumours that have been circulating via the web and word of mouth.¬†These Brand Facts have now been posted on the Timmins 2020 website.

During his presentation, the Mayor explained that the branding process is taking place in two stages, with Phase II only just beginning. For this reason, the brand is not yet final. He pointed out that, even though the community will be refining its brand concept over the next few months, it will not be set in stone: “As we evolve over the next 100 years, so will our brand evolve with us.”

Concerned citizens can get further information, including up-to-date information on the branding process and links to FAQs, by clicking the “Timmins Branding Information” icon in the sidebar.¬†Residents are encouraged to review the information, so that everyone can engage in respectful, informed dialogue as the Branding project continues through Phase II.

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