New Monster Mural Out and Around Town

Part of the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan is to provide more opportunities for youth engagement as well as create a brand story about our beautiful city. The Monster Mural will fulfill both of those goals. The Mural is a 15x 6-foot washable canvas that will be available at various community events throughout Timmins. The mural features Timmins scenery such as the iconic McIntyre head frame and also has plenty of space for people to paint pictures. It provides an opportunity for young people to express their community pride and paint their visions of what Timmins looks like to them. It’s a great activity for everyone and inspires people to say, I’m IN!

Goldcorp who is one of our proud community partners sponsored the Mural. It was featured at the Downtown Urban Park and also at the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge and Festival and was greatly enjoyed by everyone. Stay tuned to find out when the Mural will make another appearance!