Radical Graffiti on New Timmins Business

Radical Gardens wants to change the way we perceive of art, community beautification and public space. They are hoping to help rebuild community pride and demonstrate that city beautification is a community project by offering up the walls of their new restaurant as a blank canvas.

Owner, Brianna Humphrey, is an artist and hand painted some of the walls on her building. She wanted her restaurant to stand out and be a fun place in the community. Humphrey wants to give artists the chance to express themselves and provide an opportunity for artists who don’t normally have the chance to showcase their work.

There are no rules except that profanity and lewd or offensive images are not permitted. As well, the patio space and the logo are off limits.Humphrey wants artists to know that they can paint her building at anytime of the day or night. Artists don’t require permission and Humphrey has instructed local police to not to bother the artists.


Radical Gardens newest graffiti painting.

Radical Gardens newest graffiti painting (Photo: Radical Gardens/FB)