Worker Recruitment

About Worker Recruitment

Timmins is a unique place to live and work because of the many job opportunities that are available here. Statistics predict that there will be a skilled labor shortage in Ontario in the next 10-20 years. The TEDC in partnership with other local organizations has created the Employer Council in order to combat future labor shortages.

The Employers Council will:

  • Bring local employers together to develop employer driven strategies.
  • Help build capacity to address workforce issues in Timmins.
  • Create an environment of collaboration.
  • Support the delivery of labor market integration programs.
  • Develop tools and resources that will assist employers in attracting and recruiting skilled workers.
  • Identify existing employment opportunities and skills gaps. 

The TEDC uses information from the Employers Council to help them select which career fairs to attend and what communities to target. The goal of this strategic project is to help employers meet their business needs. They do this by recruiting skilled workers to Timmins and promoting Timmins as a desirable and viable community in which to live and work.

Project Progress

Summer 2014

The TEDC attended tradeshows in Toronto to promote Timmins as a great place to live and work. The shows attended include:

  • The National Job Fair.
  • The Internationally Educated Professionals Conference.
  • The Settlement Expo.

The website continues to grow with job posters and users. Usage stats indicate that traffic has increased in 2014 and the site has received 71,312 visits in the January to May period.

There are now recruitment videos available to employers to attract potential workers to Timmins.

Resources for employers and workers include:

Spring 2014

The TEDC did presentations at:

  • The Unemployed Help Centre Windsor.
  • The London Training Centre.
  • The London Employment Help Centre. 

They also attended career fairs at:

  • Windsor University.
  • The University of Western.
  • Fanshawe College. 

What You Can Do

  • Get involved in the Employers Council.
  • Share job opportunities with family and friends in other communities.
  • Use to post job opportunities.