Signature Project

About the Signature Project

Many communities have a signature attraction, venue or facility that is uniquely theirs, and that sets them apart from others. North Bay has the Steve Omischl Sports Complex; Orillia has CasinoRama, and Sudbury has Science North. These facilities create jobs, encourage destination tourism, provide an entertainment venue for residents, and act as a source of pride for community members.

Timmins residents say they want a distinctive signature project too. The project must enhance its identity as a community, improve quality of life, leverage economic opportunities and reinforce Timmins’ role as a regional hub. But before this can be done, the community needs some long-term plans to establish recreation and cultural priorities. It also needs to consider how the Signature Project reflects the community brand. It’s also likely that any Signature Project will be expensive in terms of capital dollars, and there will have to be a good business plan that shows it can be sustainable. We need to make sure that we have lots of community support for this project before moving ahead, so there will be extensive community consultations to see what residents and taxpayers are willing to pay for.

Project Progress

This project is expected to begin some time in 2014 or 2015, after the Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plans and the Branding Project are complete. Please check back here for regular updates.

What You Can Do

  • Share your thoughts about the Signature Project on our Facebook page.
  • Talk to your friends and family about Timmins 2020 and this project.
  • Contact us to provide input and ask questions about this project.
  • Read the Get Involved page for more ideas on how you can contribute!