Pieces coming together for recreation, culture and tourism

The Recreation, Culture and Tourism Committees will soon be ready to release their combined RFP to hire a consulting firm to develop a Recreation, Culture and Tourism Master Plan (RCTMP) for Timmins.

After a couple months bringing the tourism and culture projects up to speed with the recreation project, all three are finally aligned. The Culture Committee met today to finalize their RFP, while the Tourism Committee finalized theirs the week of October 1. The Recreation RFP was ready for release in June 2012, when City Council voted to expand the Recreation Master Plan to include culture and tourism. As a result, the recreation project was put on hold to allow the other two projects to catch up.

The three RFPs are now being sent up the ladder to the RCTMP Umbrella Committee. The Umbrella Committee will include a representative from each subcommittee, as well as a City employee who represents all three interests equally. Their first task will be to combine the three RFPs into one, and then review the final to ensure it meets all three subcommittee needs.

The final RFP is expected out before the end of October.