#TBS posts end, but branding project continues

For the past two months, members of the Branding Team had taken over the Timmins 2020 Facebook page. Everyday, they posted information, links and questions to prompt discussion about Timmins’ identity. To differentiate them from occasional other Timmins 2020 posts, branding posts were tagged with the acronym #TBS. The hashtag was meant to help people find related posts on Twitter.

As of October 29, the daily #TBS posts will no longer be posted. This does not mean the Branding Project is complete. The feedback received on Facebook over the past two months will be used to help develop a community brand for Timmins. The brand will also take into account feedback received via other means, such as the online survey and in-person consultations.

Meanwhile, the general Timmins 2020 Facebook updates will continue, keeping residents up-to-date on the status of all Timmins 2020 projects.