TEDC Project Updates

During the Timmins 2020 planning process, nearly 500 participants submitted community and economic development project ideas. Many ideas are for smaller businesses that a local entrepreneur or organization might pursue, and some are for larger projects that require lots of research, coordination and large scale investment. The Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) works on a number of business ideas as part of its annual business plan. It is exploring whether some of the larger projects are viable options for Timmins. See the list below for status updates on each project as they become available. The staff at the TEDC will regularly update this page. In the meantime, if you’re an entrepreneur, there are lots of good ideas for new business in Timmins on this page.

Status codes: RS= Research Stage | NF= Not Feasible | SI= Seeking Investment or Partner | ENT= Idea suitable for a local entrepreneur or organization | COM=Complete


1-800 Junk service ENT
Aboriginal art gallery ENT
Aboriginal culture tourism ENT
Aboriginal healing facility
Aboriginal tea house/restaurant ENT
Accessible taxis ENT
Agri-business  RS  The TEDC is working with regional partners to eliminate barriers and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth of the agricultural sector in Northeastern Ontario.
Airline COM Timmins welcomed Porter Airlines in early 2012 and now has competing airlines flying to Toronto.
Annual contest for most innovative practical business idea (Youth) Ongoing  www.makeyourpitch.ca

Contact: Julie Durocher (705-360-2600 x7082) for more details.

Annual contest for most innovative practical business idea (Gen Public)
Applebees ENT
Aquaculture ENT
Art camps/workshops ENT
Arts center RS See the Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan.
Automotive plant/manufacturer NF  Timmins is too far away from the just in time inventory suppliers that have already established themselves in the South.
Back-office services (cheque clearing, applications, processing) ENT The TEDC has completed a study on this and will be pursuing firms.
Bakeries/pastry shops ENT
Bed and Breakfast ENT
Bike accessories and repair shops ENT
Bottled water plant ENT
Butcher ENT
Call centre ENT
Camp construction/services ENT
Camping sites ENT
Carbon sequestration Mikro-Tek, a local business, is doing some of this work both here and internationally.
Card shop ENT
Cargo planes/rail system to transport goods
Casino  RS Due to the current legislative situation, it is unlikely that Timmins will be able to be included in the provincial casino zones.  The casino situation will continue to be monitored.
Casket manufacturing ENT
Centre of excellence  RS The Productivity & Innovation Centre is now open.
Chapters ENT
Chicken farming ENT
Cinema such as Cineplex, Silver City ENT
Coffee house ENT
Cogeneration plant ENT
College Pro Painter Service ENT
Community kitchen COM Martha’s Kitchen in the St Pauls Anglican Church opened in November 2012 for entrepreneurs who want to develop and market food products and need a commercial kitchen to do so.
Condo development ENT The TEDC has marketed this to over 65 developers across the country to stimulate housing options.
Conference centre ENT
Construction materials salvage and resell business ENT
CostCo NF CostCo has advised TEDC that the company needs a much larger market area than Timmins can provide.
Cottage lots
Cottage timeshares ENT
Cree and French translation service center ENT
Crematorium ENT
Cyber security ENT
Dairy Queen ENT
Diamond processing (cutting & polishing) ENT The TEDC worked with the private sector to put in a bid for the diamond processing centre however, the team at the Ministry of Northern Development & Mines awarded the contract to a private sector person that picked Sudbury as their location of choice.
Eco & Adventure Tourism resort ENT
Environmental technology ENT
Farm co-op  RS Pre-feasibility activities have taken place to better understand the need and the suitable model to provide local and regional producers with alternative means to bring their products to market.
Farm elk, bison or other hardy livestock ENT
Farming/processing of cold weather crops ENT
Fertilizer plant ENT
Film/music studio ENT
Fire fighting training center RS The City of Timmins and Northern College are looking into building a new fire hall for South Porcupine along with a training centre.
Fish farm industry ENT
Flight training ENT
French concert series ENT
Galvanizing plant ENT
Geothermal energy production NF  This has been studied by the City of Timmins and due to the extreme cold in the winter it is not feasible. 
Gold mining museum
Gourmet food producer ENT
Government agencies/centers (e.g. military bases, taxation center, passports, etc.)
Greenhouses ENT
Gunsmith services ENT
Harvey’s ENT
Head-hunter service ENT Workforce North already provides head-hunting services in Timmins.
Hog farm ENT
Hospice (English) ENT This needs to be taken on by the non-profit sector.
Hotels/motels ongoing The Holiday Inn and Microtel opened their doors in December 2012.  Both the Best Western and the Hampton Inn, are currently under construction, and are scheduled to be completed by 2015.
Humane feed lot for high-end livestock ENT
Hydro-generation on rivers
Ice making for local retailers ENT
Ice melter ENT
Ice wine from local berries ENT
Incubator for creative economy professionals
Independant restauranteurs ENT
Industrial goods manufacturer ENT
International Women’s Hockey Camp ENT
Investment fund that City can use
Jewelry manufacturing ENT
Landscape architecture firm ENT
Local greenery-garden center ENT
Luxury cemetery
Made in the North retail store ENT
Make batteries
Manufacture grader blades ENT
Marina ENT
Marketing services ENT There are several firms in Timmins that offer marketing services.
Medical lab services  ENT There is already a medical laboratory in Timmins.
Medicinal plant products (e.g. nutriceuticals, cosmetics, skin care) ENT
Mega prison
Micro-brewery ENT
Military training exercises
Mining school COM Northern College already has the world renowned Haileybury School of Mines.
Mink ranch ENT
Model homes ENT
Mountain Equipment Co-op MEC requires a much larger market area than Timmins and region can offer.
Nightclub ENT
Nuclear waste disposal NF Nuclear Waste Management of Ontario has informed the TEDC that the geology of our area is not suitable for nuclear waste storage.
Off peak power storage for grid Northern Ontario does not have the proper power infrastructure to be able to do this.
Olive Garden ENT
Organic farms ENT
Pet training, daycare and pet camp ENT
Polling company ENT
Portable abattoir ENT
Pre-fab concrete products ENT
Prefab homes ENT
Provincial diabetes treatment centre
Provincial drug rehabilitation centre
Provincial forensics laboratory  NF  The TEDC tried to attract a provincial forensics laboratory over ten years ago however, they were not considering additional facilities.  The Ontario Provincial Police have recently opened a brand new forensics laboratory in South Porcupine.
Recycling plant ENT
Red Lobster ENT
Religious retreat centre ENT
Research centres COM  The Northern Office of Applied Research and Innovation (NOARI), housed at Northern College, and the Productivity & Innovation Centre, housed at NEONet, provide access to research, development, innovation, and commercialization programming.
Resorts for hunting and fishing ENT
Retirement Facilities ENT
Ring of Fire The TEDC monitors the situation in the Ring of Fire and sends weekly updates to local industrial suppliers.
Seaport on James Bay
Shoe repair service ENT
Slaughterhouse ENT
Smelter ENT
Snowboard park ENT
Sod growing ENT
Solar farm ENT  The TEDC has worked with many firms that wanted to create solar installations in Timmins.  However, there is a problem at the local hydro transmission station that will not permit this type of large scale development in Timmins.
Sports complex/stadium RS See The Culture, Tourism, and Recreation Master Plan.
Steam Power
Taxidermy service ENT
Tea shop ENT
Theatre ENT
Timmins Credit Union ENT
Tire Recycling plant RS The TEDC’s feasibility study found it was not viable; it is currently revisiting the assumptions of the study to see if there are alternatives that would make it work.
Tours ENT
Tree farms ENT
Underground energy generation, waste disposal, storage, etc.)
University (English)  ongoing  Northern College has entered into a partnership with Queen’s University and their Engineering Department.  Soon, students will be able to access Queen’s University’s Engineering Department programming via Northern College.
Vehicle battery plant ENT
Vertical farming ENT
Vintage clothing store (high end) ENT
Waste rock: use for sand, gravel, concrete, landscaping, etc. ENT
Waterpark ENT
Weather stations An organization is now working out of the Timmins airport doing atmospheric research with balloons.
Wind farm ENT
Winter resort/spa ENT
Wood product manufacturing: chips, planks, pallets, furniture, etc. ENT
Wormery ENT