Timmins 2020 announces project completion

For the past year, Timmins 2020 and its partners have been hard at work implementing various strategies. Overall, Timmins 2020 is composed of 30 projects. Each project has a set of goals to be completed by the year 2020 or sooner, depending on the complexity and nature of the project’s objectives as written in the plan.

Timmins 2020 is pleased to announce the completion of one of its projects! The Social Planning project, which actually began prior to Timmins 2020′s launch early in 2012, has now achieved the goals as described in the strategic plan. The Venture Centre, the Far Northeast Training Board, the Timmins Economic Development Corporation and the Cochrane DSSAB initiated this project two years ago in an effort to establish a Social Planning Council in the District of Cochrane. It was included in the strategic plan to stress the importance of the project. Now, thanks to all of the hard work of the partners, the Social Planning project as it is written in the plan is complete.

The project partners have now established the Cochrane District Social Planning Council (CDSPC). They secured funding to support the CDSPC from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2011. Since then, they have recruited members for the Council throughout the District of Cochrane, secured staffing, and are in the process of establishing a website to communicate their ongoing efforts. The CDSPC has also developed their own strategic plan to guide them into the next several years of its operation. Though the CDSPC will continue their social planning and advocacy work in the District of Cochrane for many years, they have progressed past the objectives that were outlined in the Timmins 2020 plan.

Timmins 2020 has now created a “Completed Projects” menu on the website to house all the projects as they are completed. Timmins 2020 looks forward to adding more projects to the menu during the plan’s second year of implementation.