2020 Partners

Timmins 2020 is a City of Timmins initiative that is being carried out in conjunction with several community partners who help promote and sustain the plan. Many local organizations and community members are taking ownership of the various projects. Below is a list of the 2020 Partners, along with the projects they are initiating and leading.

Strategic Plan Owner: The City of Timmins

The City of Timmins is the lead stakeholder and owner of the Timmins 2020 plan. The Mayor, City Councillors, and the City staff have been instrumental at championing and supporting the plan to date. It supports the activities of Team 2020, which includes a Steering Committee and Administration Committee, who shape priorities and decision-making on day-to-day implementation issues. The City also provides critical financial support for the coordination and communication of strategic plan projects, which helps keep the plan on track. The City has taken the lead (financially and otherwise) on several major projects:

Please visit the City’s website at www.timmins.ca for more information about its current efforts to make Timmins a better place to work, live and play.

Northern College

Northern College and Timmins 2020 are working together to further develop Timmins as a hub of education, training, innovation and transformation in northeastern Ontario. The college has partnered with organizations in Timmins to successfully implement a variety of projects and is committed to the economic success and wellbeing of our communities. It supports the eight-year strategic plan and is a leader in the following projects:

Please visit the college’s website at www.northernc.on.ca to find out more about their educational opportunities and community support initiatives.

Timmins Chamber of Commerce

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in advocating for the creation of a strategic plan for Timmins, and now they remain invested in Timmins 2020′s success. The Chamber has been a strong supporter of many projects, especially those that interest local businesses. They have continually promoted Timmins 2020 through their own communications channels. They are spearheading the following project(s):

Please visit the Chamber’s website at www.timminschamber.on.ca to find out how they are supporting the local business community.

Timmins Economic Development Corporation

For years, the Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) has relentlessly pursued opportunities to make Timmins a better place for businesses, workers and residents. Many projects that are included in Timmins 2020 had already been initiated by the TEDC, but they were included in the plan to stress their importance. Since the start of implementation, the TEDC has been heavily involved in many Timmins 2020 projects, both familiar and new to their organization. These projects include:

Please visit the TEDC’s website at www.timminsedc.com for more information about their economic and community development initiatives.

The Venture Centre

The Venture Centre has demonstrated their support for our community for many years. Their own initiatives helped shape the plan by one of their existing projects being integrated into the plan. They are continually demonstrating concern for the success of Timmins 2020′s implementation. They are leading the following project(s):

Please visit the Centre’s website at www.venturecentre.on.ca to find out how they are helping the community achieve its vision.