Team 2020

Implementation is the most challenging aspect of a strategic planning process. It is important therefore to have a strong network of people working together to achieve the plan’s goals. In Timmins, several committees exist to make sure this happens. Several project leaders have also been identified to oversee the Timmins 2020 projects.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the central guiding force for the plan, overseeing its implementation and approving many decisions along the way. It includes six members from city council and six from community organizations. The Steering Committee works with the various project subcommittees to help implement the plan.


  • Mayor Steve Black
  • Pat Bamford, City Council
  • Joe Campbell, City Council
  • Andre Grzela, City Council
  • Andrew Marks, City Council
  • Noella Rinaldo, City Council
  • Remi Boileau, Francophone Representative
  • Fred Gibbons, Northern College
  • Veronica Nicholson, Timmins Native Friendship Center
  • Keitha Robson, Timmins Chamber of Commerce
  • Tom Semadeni, Kidd Operations/Glencore
  • Roxanne Daoust, Venture Centre

Ex-officio Members:

  • Louise Straatman, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
  • Joe Torlone, City of Timmins

The Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is the group that determines what processes will best serve the Timmins 2020 plan. Essentially, they play an advisory role and provide organizational support to other members of Team 2020 and the subcommittees.


  • Mark Jensen, The City of Timmins
  • Christy Marinig, Timmins Economic Development Corporation
  • Keitha Robson, Timmins Chamber of Commerce
  • Ellen Sinclair, The Venture Centre
  • Joe Torlone, CAO, The City of Timmins

The Strategic Plan Coordinators

One of the recommendations in the plan was for the City to hire a Strategic Plan Coordinator to manage the implementation of Timmins 2020 and ensure projects remain on track. Clearlogic Consulting Professionals was retained to fill this role. They will coordinate Timmins 2020′s implementation for the first three years, leveraging the community’s momentum to date. Members of the firm will facilitate the meetings of various subcommittees as non-voting coordinators.


The subcommittees represent individual projects within Timmins 2020. Their size and function will vary depending on the project, but all are overseen by the Strategic Plan Coordinators. The members of each subcommittee will be listed on the page that aligns with their project. To find the committee that interests you, please refer to the Project Overviews in the main menu.