Timmins YMCA to lead on youth engagement issue

Over the past few months, various leaders of community youth programs have been meeting to discuss how to proceed with Timmins 2020’s Youth Engagement project. One issue up for discussion was identifying the right organization to take the lead on the project.

On Tuesday March 26th, the Timmins YMCA Board formed an adhoc committee to investigate taking the lead in Timmins 2020’s Youth Engagement project. Wayne Bozzer, Executive Director of the Timmins Y stated, “It makes sense. Y’s across the country are taking leadership roles on the youth leadership and engagement issue. The Timmins Y is well positioned to tackle this vital issue with the help of community partners and leaders. Timmins Youth deserve to be heard!”

With a single organization at the helm, the Youth Engagement project will have a greater sense of direction going forward. While the Timmins Y has yet to announce any concrete plans, they understand that involving local youth will be vital to the process.

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