Tolerance a multi-faceted issue

Today, November 16, is the International Day for Tolerance. The United Nations (UN) established this day in 1996, encouraging member states to observe it in support of anti-racism and anti-discrimination worldwide. Tolerance is about accepting the richness and variety of the world’s cultures and respecting every individual’s right to dress, think, and act as their culture deems appropriate.

With Timmins 2020’s Culture project in full swing, Timmins will soon see put to words the rich array of cultures that call Timmins home. The consultants that will be hired to develop the plan will be responsible for compiling a cultural inventory as part of their work. This inventory will help residents see the variety of cultural activities, organizations and supports available in Timmins. Ignorance is often a source of intolerance, so this knowledge should help further the cause.

Does Timmins have issues with discrimination and racism? That’s what the upcoming Timmins 2020 Anti-Racism Strategy will aim to determine and tackle. Slated to begin sometime in 2013, Anti-Racism Strategy will help address issues of intolerance in our community, making Timmins a safer, happier place for people of all cultures to live and work. Read our Local Confidence interview with Veronica Nicholson of the Timmins Native Friendship Centre for some information about the current state of discrimination in Timmins. She points out that, for Aboriginals at least, intolerance exacerbates the already challenging housing situation in Timmins. The housing situation is currently being addressed by Timmins 2020’s Housing project.

As you can see, International Tolerance Day relates to many facets of our community and to many projects ongoing or upcoming for Timmins 2020. So, between now and when the Anti-Racism Strategy begins, we encourage you to keep an eye on the Timmins 2020 Culture Project, stay informed and continue making efforts in your own life to be tolerant of other cultures.