Tourism Strategy

About Tourism

This project is now complete.

Tourism is an important part of the Timmins economy. It doesn’t just benefit hotels and restaurants: it brings in money to retailers, gas stations, service providers, recreation facilities and others. It also supports jobs at our airport, bus station and car rental agencies. One of the strategic projects in the Timmins 2020 plan is to build and improve tourist experiences in the city.  A long-term tourist strategy will attract visitors to Timmins by enhancing tourist infrastructure and services. You can download the plan on our Reports page.

The purpose of the Tourism Master Plan is to:

  • Increase and expand sporting events.
  • Attract trade shows and/or conferences.
  • Encourage the development of and market recreation, adventure, and culture tourism packages and experiences. 

It’s important to remember that a tourist is simply someone who travels from more than 40km away for the purposes of visiting, shopping or temporarily working in the community. Tourists include sports tournament teams and fans, visiting business people, weekend shoppers from surrounding communities and people getting services at our hospital or regional government offices.

The Tourism Master Plan contains four key goals:

  • Foster and ensure alignment of municipal planning for tourism, culture and recreation.
  • Enhance and develop tourism products and experiences.
  • Develop a marketing strategy focused on increasing overnight tourist visits.
  • Secure sustainable sources of funding and foster strategic industry partnerships.

The Plan was developed collaboratively with:

  • City staff.
  • Local tourism entrepreneurs.
  • The business community.
  • Local and regional stakeholders.
  • The general public, through community consultations.

The Recreation Plan development Timeline 

Fall 2013

  • A Steering Committee made up of community representatives selected a consulting team through a competitive process
  • The Consultants worked with the Steering Committee to develop a process that would work for Timmins
  • The Consultants began gathering research and best practices to inform the plan
  • 500 people responded to public surveys about Tourism in the community.
  • 600 people participated in public consultations. 

Winter 2013

  • The City sought youth and senior input.
  • Cultural groups responded to specific surveys.
  • Consultants presented findings from on-going surveys, focus groups to the public.
  • Consultants held 5 public consultations to go over proposed recommendations.
  • Consultants met with Council and City admin for feedback. 

March 2014

  • Council requested a final round of public consultation sessions.
  • The Consultants completed the final draft. 

Summer 2014

On July 28th 2014 City Council accepted a draft of an Integrated Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan. Our new Plan contains feedback from over 2000 residents and stakeholders, and is a good foundation for future growth and decision-making. It contains over 100 recommendations that will be used as starting points for Council. Council Members have stressed that the Plan is a great source document.  However, given financial constraints, it is likely that not all of the recommendations will be passed, at least not in the near future. Councillors plan to hold more sessions regarding which recommendations will be passed and what the time line for implementation will be.

Meet the Tourism Strategy Steering Committee

Coordinator: Heather Duhn (


  • Claude J. Gagnon, Business owner and community representative
  • Lorne Haveruk, Manager at Kamiskotia Ski Resort
  • Guy Lamarche, Manager, City of Timmins Tourism and Communications
  • Brenda McLeish, Manager, Timmins Square
  • Don Padley, Manager, Timmins Inn and Suites
  • Carmen Swartz, Timmins Chamber of Commerce
  • Steven Vachon, Timmins Minor Hockey official and community representative