YMCA to Reschedule Youth Forum to Coincide with Healthy Kids Week

The YMCA of Timmins Youth 4 Timmins Youth Forum is being rescheduled for the first week of June. Specific dates and activities will be confirmed in the coming months.

The YMCA is committed to increasing youth engagement in Timmins and including as many youth as possible. It was decided that June is a more accessible time for the conference because youth are not as busy with things like school and extra-curricular activities.

The Forum will now be held during the Healthy Kids Week initiative and will also be part of the summer Young Volunteer Program which sees an average registration of 12 -20 youth.

It is important that this event be youth driven and youth led. Engaging local youth helps strengthen our community by including a much needed youth perspective. The more youth feel like they are part of the community, and have a voice the more likely they are to stay in Timmins. Keeping our best and brightest in the North helps us maintain a competitive edge.