YMCA Youth Forum Increases Youth Engagement

The Timmins Family YMCA hosted the Youth 4 Timmins Youth Forum on Friday June 12. A group of 18 young people, ranging in age from 13 to 22, participated in the event and provided input into what Timmins looks like from their perspective. The group was visited by Mayor Black and local youth entrepreneur Justin Bonney from Timmins Wakepark.

Participants discussed the ways in which they can work together to improve services for youth in the City. They learned lessons about how to approach officials to lobby for change in Timmins. They also learned how to overcome potential barriers they may face when trying to make change. . The group will continue to meet over the summer to work on a proposal to submit to City Hall.

Empowering local youth by giving them a voice increases youth engagement in the City and creates a more unified community. The more youth feel connected to the City the more likely they are to stay in Timmins and share their talents with the community.