Youth Engagement in Timmins is Growing

One of the strategic projects in the Timmins 2020 plan is to provide more opportunities for youth engagement. Some projects that address youth engagement are:

  • The Holiday Coffee Connection.
  • The Youth Forum.
  • Northern Youth Volunteers Facebook page.  

The Timmins YMCA sponsors the Holiday Coffee Connection with Mayor-elect Steve Black on December 23 from 10am till noon in partnership with the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, The TEDC and the Venture Centre. This event will provide opportunities for students to engage with local issues, local politicians, and learn about the opportunities that exist in Timmins.

The Youth Forum will be held on February 20-21. The Timmins YMCA is also sponsoring this event. The goal of this event is to get youth interested in improving the City of Timmins and get them engaged in creating solutions to existing issues within the community.

The benefits of hosting gatherings like these include:

  • Increasing youth involvement in community life.
  • Providing networking and mentorship opportunities for young students.
  • Learning new skills through volunteer experience.
  • Creating a sense of community pride that entices youth to stay in the community instead of migrating elsewhere.