Integrated CTR Master Plan

About the CTRMP

The Integrated Culture, Tourism and Recreation Master Plan (CTRMP) addresses how the Recreation, Culture and Tourism sectors in Timmins can complement one another.  These three sectors are intrinsically linked in a community: the same facilities that support sporting events (i.e. for recreation and tourism purposes) can also be used to host cultural events. Cultural activities and recreation events can both attract and be supported by tourists. There are innumerable ways these three aspects of the community interact, so it makes sense to look at how we can maximize our resources in such a way as to address the needs of all three sectors.


In order to ensure this works and that all three interests are examined equally, three separate committees have been established for the Recreation, Culture and Tourism projects. Each is responsible for guiding the development of their own respective project. You can read more about each project by following their links.

The CTRMP, however, needed a committee to oversee the whole project from a bird’s eye view. This committee had one representative from each of the Culture, Tourism and Recreation project Steering Committees, as well as one City of Timmins representative.

CTR Team Members:

  • Mark Jensen, City of Timmins
  • Steve Black, representative of Recreation Committee
  • Claude J. Gagnon, representative of Tourism Committee
  • Nancy Delmonte, representative of Culture Committee

Project funding provided by