Timmins 2020

Creating change by translating residents visions towards a better community

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Team 2020

Strong network of people working together to achieve the plan's goals

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2020 Partners

Several community partners help promote and sustain the Timmins 2020 plan

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Identifying change, setting priorities and allocating resources to achieve goals

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Timmins 2020 is a Community Strategic Plan that is changing Timmins for the better. From now until 2020, thirty Timmins 2020 projects will help us improve our quality of life, diversify, and become more competitive.

The implementation phase of strategic planning is the most exciting part of the whole process. Planning is good, but it's all just dreaming until you start to make things happen. Seeing the changes ripple out and affect people is satisfying–especially when you know you helped make it happen!

Don't wait for change to happen–be part of it.

What Can You Do?

Successful implementation of a plan requires a lot of support. If you are not yet involved in some aspect of the plan, or even if you are, there are many ways to start supporting, or further support, Timmins 2020. The following list will give you some ideas, starting with the easiest and least time consuming and building up to the more intensive tasks. There is no wrong way to get involved when you're using this list. Any level of involvement is better than no involvement at all!

  • Download and read the Timmins 2020 plan or browse this website to learn about our projects
  • Subscribe to the monthly newsletter using the widget at the bottom of this page
  • Read and share the latest news about Timmins 2020
  • Like us on Facebook then leave a comment telling us what you think about Timmins 2020 or one of our projects
  • Visit the Events Calendar to attend a public session or other Timmins 2020 related event
  • Contact the Strategic Plan Coordinator to get involved in a committee or project that interests you
  • Initiate your own project that aligns with one of the Timmins 2020's strategic directions