The Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan had several projects that involved developing “sub-strategies” for critical areas of investment such as Tourism, Recreation and Housing, among others. During the consultation process, residents and business owners alike said they wanted to see the City embark on more long-term planning, to make sure that tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. This page archives the reports and plans that have been developed as part of our overall Strategic Plan. You can download any of these reports to learn more about their background, findings and recommendations.

Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan Summary
Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan Full Report
Timmins Housing Summary Report Sept-22-final

Timmins Tourism Master Plan
Recreation Master Plan – September 2014
Culture Master Plan – September 2015
CTR Master Plan – September 2014CTR Master Plan – September 2014

Economic Development Publications