What is Timmins 2020

Timmins 2020 is about creating change. If you are a resident of Timmins, there is probably at least one thing about Timmins you would like to change. You may also have ideas or skills to contribute that could help make Timmins a better place to live and work. Timmins 2020 aims to improve life in Timmins for all residents from young people to seniors, and we want to include everyone in the process. It is a strategic plan, but you don’t need to know or understand what that means in order to take part. This website gives you all the background information, project overviews, and progress updates you need to stay informed and get involved.

A Brief History of Timmins 2020

In 2011, the City of Timmins and its community partners, The Timmins Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce, oversaw the development of a community strategic plan. They hired consultants to coordinate the process and develop a plan for Timmins. Over the course of several months, the consulting team held various consultation sessions throughout Timmins and conducted intensive research to determine what strategic priorities would be the best fit for Timmins.

The result was Timmins 2020, an 8-year strategic plan aimed to change Timmins for the better by the year 2020. It provides long-term direction and includes an implementation plan for economic and community development in Timmins. The plan’s objectives centered around five main pillars or strategic directions: communications, community pride, economic diversification, community investment and quality of life. Each direction encompasses three or more specific projects that help improve Timmins in that area, which you can find out more about on the Project Overviews page.

On November 15, 2011, members of the consulting team presented the final Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan to City Council. As of the beginning of 2012, the plan has entered an even more exciting phase than planning: implementation!

About the Consulting Team

The strategic planning team was composed of two consulting companies: Clearlogic Consulting Professionals from Timmins and BMA Management Consultants of Hamilton. The two consulting firms worked together under the guidance of a Community Adjustment Committee, whose executive members included representatives from the City of Timmins, Timmins Economic Development Corporation, Timmins Chamber of Commerce and the Venture Centre Community Futures Corporation.

One of the recommendations in the plan was for the City to hire a Strategic Plan Coordinator to manage the implementation of Timmins 2020 and ensure projects remain on track. Clearlogic Consulting Professionals was retained to fill this role. They will coordinate Timmins 2020′s implementation for the first three years, leveraging the community’s momentum to date.