Online Community Events calendar available

Timmins has a Community Events calendar available at The calendar feature gives community members an opportunity to post local events and activities. The calendar is hosted by Google Calendar, which allows existing users of Google Calendar to quickly add events from to their own calendar with a simple click.

The City requests only events that are “open to the public, non-commercial in nature” be submitted. The Community Events calendar is available at:, which includes instructions on how to submit an event.

The Timmins 2020 team is still working on a more comprehensive calendar that will encompass all types of events, including “commercial events.” To do this, we need to work with existing organizations to find out how they currently use their calendars, the kind of information they need to enter, and the process for updating it. We’re looking at developing a solution that allows individual users to keep their own calendars on their websites, while also updating a central calendar. That central calendar should have filtering capacity, so that you can easily see only the sports events, for example, or only the support meetings.

In the meantime, the City’ Community Events Calendar will provide information on what’s happening in Timmins, which is a great start!