Housing Consultation Planned for Sept. 30th

Do you have ideas about housing in Timmins? Fill us in!

Community Consultation on Housing set for Sept. 30th

Phase 1 of the Timmins Community Housing Plan has been underway since late summer.  The consulting team has been gathering information, analyzing data and meeting with key community stakeholders to hear their perspectives.  Now it’s your opportunity – come and hear about findings to date and share your views on housing issues, priorities and solutions in Timmins.

This interactive session will be held Monday Sept. 30th at 3pm in the McIntyre Community Auditorium, 85 McIntyre Road in Schumacher.  Click here for directions.

Creating a strong plan involves talking to the experts to gather the best information. Every resident in Timmins has important insight about what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s needed for housing in Timmins. We are collecting comments through public consultations and an online survey. Be sure to come out to the sessions and/or fill out the survey to have your say about housing matters.