Phase 3 of the Housing Plan is now Underway

For the past year we’ve been developing a strategic, long term Community Housing Plan to help address local housing needs. The Timmins Community Housing Plan is a key initiative of the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan and is intended to help enhance community investment and quality of life in the city. Affordable housing issues were one of the key concerns during the Timmins 2020 Strategic Planning sessions.

Phase III of the project, which consists of a formal Community Housing Plan and implementation strategy, is now underway and scheduled for completion by the beginning of October.

Phase III will focus on developing realistic goals that are in line with current community approaches to housing and homelessness. It will also identify a vision, goals, objectives and targets to help align the efforts of local partners. Phase 3 also includes an implementation plan that will define a path for moving forward, a way to monitor results and how to communicate progress to the community.

Re-fact Consulting continues to lead the process.

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