Farmers Market Gets Two Year Lease for Centennial Hall

The Mountjoy Independent Farmers Market will continue to call the Mountjoy Centennial Hall home for at least two more years. The Market has been renting Centennial Hall on a year-by-year basis for quite some time and the City has agreed to give them a two year lease.

City council has been debating the fate of the Hall in their annual budget process. The hall requires over $100, 000 in repairs and Council debated whether to tear down or sell the building. The Market proposed that the City sell the Hall at the symbolic cost of $1, at which point the Market would partner with another organization to repair and revitalize the building.

Council has agreed to keep the rent of the facility low in order to assist farmers in setting aside money for a new facility or to improve the Hall if they decide to purchase it.

The Farmers Market is an important part of our City because it is a community gathering place that supports local agriculture, art, and business. Access to healthy local food promotes community wellness and health.

The Market runs every year from mid July until mid October.