Housing Committee prepares for next phase

During the planning phase of the Timmins 2020 strategic plan, a common theme was heard at most consultation sessions. Everyone from seniors to youth to employers identified appropriate housing as a pressing and complex concern. For this reason, the Timmins 2020 Steering Committee prioritized the development of a Community Housing Plan.

Now, the community is preparing for the next step: the creation of a comprehensive housing study to identify gaps in Timmins’ housing stock and develop a 20-year strategy to address community housing needs. City Council has approved the hiring of SHS Consulting to complete the study. A community-based Housing Committee, made up of key community and housing representatives, will guide the consultants as they complete the study.

The committee and consultants met on April 12 to kick-off the next phase of the Housing project. They have been approaching public and private partners to assist with funding for the study, and have been coordinating dates for community consultations. They plan to issue a press release soon to announce the results of their efforts.