More Feedback Wanted on Housing Recommendations

The Housing Committee is asking for one more round of public input on our Housing Strategy. For the past year we’ve been developing a strategic, long term Community Housing Plan to help address local housing needs. The Timmins Community Housing Plan is a key initiative of the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan and is intended to help enhance community investment and quality of life in the city. Affordable housing issues were one of the key concerns during the Timmins 2020 Strategic Planning sessions.

Phase II involves assessing the current housing system, reviewing local housing opportunities and developing potential housing strategies and actions. To make sure that the recommendations in the phase 2 report actually reflect the needs of Timmins residents, the Committee requested one more feedback period so people could read the recommendations and share their thoughts.

The housing committee invited the public to a consultation session on June 30th to discuss options and solutions to findings in the Phase 2 report. We’d like to gather additional comments from the public on the proposed solutions.

We’d appreciate comments/input on the draft by July 16th.

The Phase 2 draft report is available here.

Please send comments to