Retiree Retention

About Retiree Retention

As our population ages, it will be very important to develop a plan to support and retain retirees in the community. Since seniors interact with every facet of our community, including municipal services, retail stores and social services, it’s important that community members work together to support retirees. This could include encouraging more businesses to create seniors discounts, or designating more seniors parking. The Retiree Retention project is not slated to begin until 2014 because it relies on the completion of other projects. The Recreation project, for example, will examine available recreational programs. The Housing project will look at the affordability and availability of seniors housing. The Retiree Retention project is expected to run concurrently with the Accessibility Issues project, which are closely linked.

Project Progress

This project is expect to begin in 2014. Please check back here for updates once the project has begun.

What You Can Do

  • Share your thoughts about the Retiree Retention project on our Facebook page.
  • Talk to your friends and family about Timmins 2020 and this project.
  • Contact us to provide input and ask questions about this project.
  • Read the Get Involved page for more ideas on how you can contribute!