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City of Timmins Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study

The City of Timmins is undertaking a Feasibility Study for a new Aquatic Centre in Timmins! Sierra Planning Management along with partner CS&P Architects has been retained by the City of Timmins to develop the Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study.

Community Foundation

About the Community Foundation Community foundations are charities that receive gifts from generous local citizens. These gifts are held forever as capital in an endowment, with the interest distributed back into the community as annual grants to deserving local charities, community groups and leadership initiatives. In pure sustainable models the principal remains untouched. Project Progress […]

Aboriginal Partnerships

About Aboriginal Partnerships The Aboriginal people who first called this region “home” bring important social, cultural and environmental perspectives to our identity as a community. Team 2020 recognizes the value of these Aboriginal perspectives. The Aboriginal Partnerships project aims to foster the development of positive and productive collaborations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations, especially related […]

2020 Engagement

About 2020 Engagement The Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan has the overall goal of making Timmins a better place to live, work, play and invest. To that end it is important to keep community members and stakeholders up to date. A big part of making the Timmins 2020 project successful is getting support, feedback, engagement and […]

Aligning Skills with Demand

About Aligning Skills with Demand One of the strategic goals in the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan is to ensure that local training programs mirror the needs of conventional as well as new industry employers. Industries like the forestry, agriculture, biotechnology, and information technology have specific employment needs. The reason we need to align job skills […]

Applied Research

About Applied Research This project is now completed. The Northern Ontario Applied Research Institute (NOARI) at Northern College supports local businesses with research that helps them operate more effectively. Established in 2012, NOARI creates innovative partnerships and relationships between academics and businesses. The research projects ultimately provide benefits to both students and businesses. For businesses, […]

City Beautification

About City Beautification The Beautification Project is not just about planting flowers downtown; it’s about coordinating a strategic approach to improving facades, infrastructure and amenities throughout our community. City beautification not only increases the likelihood of tourism, but also visitor satisfaction and community pride. An example of a city beautification program is the “one block […]

Local Benefit Agreements

About Local Benefit Agreements Without businesses, it would be hard to have a thriving community, but without a healthy, prosperous community, it’s hard to make a business successful. Economists and corporations all over the world are realizing that business has an important role in community development. By giving back to the community, businesses establish relationships […]

Business Development

About Business Development Business development is essential for a diversified, sustainable economy. It contributes to quality of life by providing more amenities and sources of entertainment. Business development includes building our local business sector and attracting new business to the city, also called  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The word “foreign” doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in businesses […]

Business Capacity Modules

About Business Capacity Modules One of the most successful types of economic development is focusing on helping local businesses become bigger businesses. This approach is sometimes called “economic gardening.” By providing advice, support and information to business people, economic development teams can facilitate more exporting and diversification, which makes our economy more sustainable. A Business […]