Several strategic plan goals already completed

Many of the projects that are included in the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan are already coming to fruition. Although several were in the works prior to the planning process, it’s encouraging to see that they are moving forward, since they are linked to many other goals in the plan.

A new  Social Planning Council for the Cochrane District is now under way, with funding assistance from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and support from several regional partners, including  the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board, the City of Timmins, the Venture Centre, the Timmins Economic Development Corporation, the Far North East Training Board, the Porcupine Health Unit, the Timmins Native Friendship Centre and the Porcupine United Way. This project helps address the social needs that many community members identified during the strategic planning process, and promotes Timmins’ status as a regional hub for Northeastern Ontario. Congratulations to the community partners and leaders who are coordinating this important addition to Timmins and the surrounding area!

You may have heard already that Porter Air is offering three flights per day between Timmins and Toronto starting in January. As a result, the price of air travel has dropped considerably, and we now enjoy airfares comparable to those out of Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay.

The Timmins Youth Advisory Council has also been revived. Local youth who participated in the planning process suggested that they would like more opportunities to become involved in the community, and that they needed some mechanism to have their voices heard. The TYAC has now met twice over the last month or so. For more information, contact Guy Lamarche, Manager Tourism, Events & Communication, at 705-360-2600 ext 2404 or