Social Planning

About the Social Planning Council Project

This project is now complete. The Social Planning Council is established and is exploring how it can become a sustainable part of our community.

The Venture Centre, with the help of The Timmins Economic Development Corporation, the Cochrane District Social Services Board and the Far Northeast Training Board, worked together to create a Social Planning Council that would coordinate and support community services. It would also conduct research and explore how existing organizations cab work together to fill service gaps that impact the most vulnerable in our community. The Trillium Foundation announced funding for the Cochrane District Social Planning Council (CDSPC) in late 2011. The organization is currently hosted at the Venture Centre. It is managed by a coordinator who reports to a Board of Directors.

The CDSPC developed its own strategic plan in late 2012. Check out its website  to learn more about the mission, values and projects.

Establishing this organization involved:

  1. Securing initial operational funding
  2. Recruiting a Board of Directors
  3. Securing and training an organizational coordinator
  4. Developing a strategic plan, including a plan to become sustainable.