2020 Engagement

About 2020 Engagement

The Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan has the overall goal of making Timmins a better place to live, work, play and invest. To that end it is important to keep community members and stakeholders up to date. A big part of making the Timmins 2020 project successful is getting support, feedback, engagement and participation from community members, local partners, and stakeholders.

The project gets quite a bit of local support already but there is always room for more. The Timmins 2020 website gets 2,200 unique page views a month. Our Facebook page has over 2,500 Likes and has a 15% engagement rate. A 3% engagement is considered the standard for Facebook and that means that our community is becoming more and more interested in the projects associated with Timmins 2020.

We have distributed over 1000 copies of the Strategic Plan booklet. The Timmins 2020 Focus Newsletter has over 1,100 subscribers.

Project Progress

The Timmins 2020 Engagement project is an on-going project that will continue and change throughout the Timmins 2020 project.
There are a number of engagement initiatives and opportunities that are on-going. They include:

  • The Timmins 2020 website- www.timmins2020.ca
  • The Timmins 2020 Facebook page- www.facebook.com/timmins2020
  • The Timmins 2020 crew attends community events such as the Kayak Challenge.
  • Newspaper, radio and television commercials will be airing at the end of August.
  • Events like the “Holiday Coffee Connection” with Mayor Tom Laughren.
  • Timmins 2020 has 40 community partners that it works with on a regular basis.
  • 3000 people had input on the projects that are part of the Timmins 2020 Vision.

What You Can Do

  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Attend events where Timmins 2020 is present.
  • Visit the Timmins 2020 website to see what’s new.
  • Share information with friends and family and help us keep everyone in the loop.